A line drawn between two worlds creating balance slowly... An erie thumping sound surrounding ears and no one hears it
A black rough cloth wraps eyes that don't realize they can not see... A deep blue ocean running clear beneath the swampy waters
A rusty iron shackle cold and hard is barely bound... Wide hungry nostrils hunting after the stinging smell of evil

Sunday, November 25, 2012


No matter how different we are or whether or not we predicted or supported this revolution, now, whether we like it or not we have a duty. A duty to protect this ancient civilization from endless darkness and destruction. A duty to stand up for what's right not only what's "politically correct". We are being forced into a confrontation that most of us never chose or wanted. However, we can't be in denial over what's coming. The days ahead will be more difficult than the days foregone. Tuesday, we must take to the streets and protect this land from the forces of darkness and evil who are leading an unprecedented aggression against freedom, democracy, peace and stability, not only of Egypt but of the entire region. The time has come. 

{ كتب عليكم القتال وهو كره لكم وعسى أن تكرهوا شيئا وهو خير لكم وعسى أن تحبوا شيئا وهو شر لكم والله يعلم وأنتم لا تعلمون } 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


فيلم روائي قصير عن ثورة داخل أوتوبيس

Short Film on MOI Snipers Mystery فيلم قصير عن لغز القناصة

الحلقة السابعة من برنامج دقائق عسكرية الذى يتناول بالشرح المبسط المصطلحات و انواع الأسلحة التى ترد فى نشرات الأخبار - اعداد و
تقديم محمد منصور - الجزيرة توك - تتناول هذه الحلقة موضوع فرق القناصة التى كان لها نشاط واضح أبان احداث ثورة يناير فى مصر و تشرح انواع اسلحة القنص التى تستخدمها وحدات القناصة فى الداخلية المصرية بجانب عرض لأهم لقطات قنص الثوار
قليلاً عن صاحب العمل من قناته على يوتيوب: القناة الشخصية لمحمد عبد الفتاح منصور
فى هذه القناة اقدم نموذجا لما بات يعرف بالتدوين المصور او التدوين بالفيديو...ستجدون تعليقا منى على بعض ما يستجد من احداث و تحليلى الشخصى لها مصورا بالفيديو بجانب حلقات برنامجى دقائق عسكرية و فيديوهات لظهورى على شاشات بعض الفضائيات و فيديوهات اخرى لبعض تقاريرى التى اجريتها لصالح الجزيرة توك.بجانب بعض تسجيلاتى لأحداث مهمة


Presidential Candidate and renounced public figure, Dr. Selim El Awwa, was meeting with a few members of American and Canadian NGO's and civil society in the meeting room of Sofitel. Suddenly the hotel managers barge in asking them to leave, apologizing for it the way 5 stars hotel do, but stating that they are simply 'following orders'. Luckily there was a camera crew.

Activists React to SCAF Meeting with Parties

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear Friends & Family,

My dear friend Lobna's sister Mona has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplan ASAP. Please you guys read this message I got from Lobna a few hours ago. She explains in it more clearly how we can all help. My opinion is let's all meet at the lab tomorrow and get tested at the same time. If you want to get tested but can't afford the test please tell us and it will be taken care of. Please read the message and get in touch with me or at least share it.

Please you guys, this could happen to anyone of us, and we would expect our friends and family to help.

The message from Lobna:

"Dear sarah and mira- long time no see..i hope u are doing well

im not sure you are aware, but my sister Mona is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant because she suffers from leukemia and shes been grappling with it for the past two years.

the international database that we've accessed through a hospital in Paris hasnt found a match yet for her tissue type to be the donor. and we are now trying to find one our own way. however the odds are extremely difficult and we need as many people as possible to go in for a simple blood test. the international database is made mostly of europeans and ethnic diversity gives us a better chance of finding the right tissue. if they are a match the donation is also a very simple process.

the lab is downtown, kasr el ainy street and costs 300 l.e. if money is a concern we can cover the cost you partially or fully.

do u think u can go and get tested bokra or the day after? maybe you can take some friends or relatives..our only hope now to find a match is to expand our pool of resources as much as possible. if you agree i can give you all the information about the place etc.

pls tell as much friends and family as possible by word of mouth too. if they cant get tested (they are over 50 or have diabetes, anemia etc) but still want to help they can also sponsor someone else's test.

u can also give them my number to explain 012 314 3202 and keep spreading the word.we need all the help we can possibly get."

May god bless you all